Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oops, I Did it Again...

First of all, I would like to make an announcement that I heard Britney Spears' mom on the radio with my very favorite Ryan Seacrest (how does he smile that big for so long, don't his cheeks hurt?) and she assured everyone that Britney is doing great and she spends lots of time with her and the kids. Thank GOD. Wasn't everyone so concerned? With that put to rest, now I can move on to worrying about other things, such as the presidential election and hungry, AIDS-infected children in Africa.

Now, the whole reason I titled my post with a Britney Spears song title was not so I could philosophize on whether she and Kevin will ever get back together, but because I did something this afternoon for the SECOND time in a week and I can't really believe it.

I went to bed in the middle of the afternoon. DUN, DUN, DUUUUUUNNNN! (Insert ominous music here)

Yes, I broke one of the cardinal mommy rules and I am just sitting here waiting to be struck down by lightning. Will the world stop spinning on its axis because I put my needs before that of the household twice in three days? I am not sure, but I am hanging on to my chair, just in case.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't do this just to be lazy. I actually have a cold that I got last week that went away and then had the audacity to come back and mess up my whole week which was supposed to consist of me kicking ass writing and working up a storm to earn some much-needed greenbacks to help our family in this disgustingly poor economy. But, instead of working like a little fiend, I found myself so worn out, exhausted and feeling like a big pile of poopity poop on Monday afternoon, that after I put my daughter down for her nap, I put myself down for my own nap. I managed to get through yesterday and get some work done without needing my blankie, however, going into the office this morning was about all my poor, sick body could take and I found myself back in bed at exactly 2:04 p.m.

I'm feeling pretty good about myself though, because I just managed to do a big sinkful of dishes that had piled up over the past few days.

But now I am faced with that dreadedly awful lead-body feeling you get when you sleep in the middle of the afternoon and I swear my daughter is speaking at LEAST two decibals too loud for human ears, and I have absolutely no motivation to do anything, including drop entrecards or comment on blogs (I KNOW! Can you believe that? I must have meningitis or something).

So before I fall face-first into my keyboard and end up with a broken nose on top of it all, I am going to go see if my daughter will pity me and snuggle with me on the couch until bedtime.

And I will be watching for lightning.