Saturday, October 4, 2008

Humor Bloggers Unite!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I was honored recently to be accepted to the super-duper uber-exclusive community of Humor Bloggers dot com and I am PSYCHED to be included. So now it is my duty to promote the shit out of this site (which is awesome because it is filled with the funniest, sickest minds in the blogosphere, many of whom are SO MUCH funnier than I EVER will be and I am humbled to be in their presence) and also to promote HUMOR BLOGGERS UNITE!

This past week began Humor Bloggers Unite, a week of wacky shenanigans and FUN in which all us Humor Bloggers could get a kick out of ourselves and spread the word about this awesome community. Voting began on October 1st for the Humor Blogger of the Year Award, click here and vote:

And all us humor bloggers have been rigorously working on our posts for the Humor Carnival, which is being hosted by Etta Rose over at Edge of Sanity. Watch for my posts on Monday and Tuesday for the Humor Carnival and then you can head over to Edge of Sanity for the whole shabang on September 15th.

So check out Humor Bloggers dot com and if you think you are superbly funny, submit your blog and join us in the hilarity!

If not, it's OK, I still like you, but you should really work on being funnier.