Well, if you are trying to go green, I have a great new service for you to try out, especially if you send a lot of funny forwards by e-mail to friends and family. offers a new service that is really cool, and it helps the environment.

If you are like a lot of people I know, as soon as a funny joke or inspirational story hits your inbox, you press forward and send it along to all your contacts. Well now, there is ForwardOn, which saves large amounts of bandwidth, storage and power consumption by posting those forwards on their site for all your friends and family to see. All you do is send ForwardOn the e-mail you would like forwarded and they send you a link to the content. You then forward that link to whoever you want to see the e-mail. They click on the link and view the forward on ForwardOn's web site. They also clean up the forward and make sure that it is free of viruses, so you avoid sending those on to others. The coolest part is that every time someone views one of your forwards, you earn points that you can redeem for gift certificates or that you can put towards donations to charities. You can also view other people's funny jokes, videos or inspirational stories.

ForwardOn also sponsors advertising on their site of which some of the proceeds go to green charities. So the more you support, the more you support the environment!

Go check it out and join ForwardOn today!