Made to Measure


Now this is a really cool service. I WISH we lived closer to New York city so my husband could take advantage of this and I am actually thinking about making a trip out of it just so we can do it. This company offers suits tailored and made EXACTLY for a man's measurements and style at reasonable prices! The company's web site is My Suit Made to Measure and you have to check it out.

Have you ever seen the difference between a suit that has been perfectly tailored for a specific man's body and one that is straight off the rack? I mean, yes, there is some taking in or letting out involved at some of the men's clothing stores, but it is nothing like something really MADE for you. A properly tailored suit clings to a man's body so perfectly and just looks like he was born in it. As opposed to those off the rack jobs that usually look like he is a kid wearing his dad's suit. The difference is immeasurable, but most of us everyday people can't afford to have suits made so we end up buying them and doing the best we can to have them tailored affordably. Well, here is the answer! My Suit Made to Measure makes a suit specifically to the man's measurements so it looks great, feels great and improves his confidence--all for the price of an off the rack suit!

Prices range from $495-$2000 and the fitting is completely free! Not only do they measure you, but they help you pick the style, color and fabric that best suits your needs. What more could you need?

So make an appointment at My Suits Made to Measure for a custom suit. You won't regret it and you will never buy a suit off the rack again!