Friday, October 24, 2008

Girl's Night Out! (Watch Out for Flying Dildos!)

Alright, hold on to your hats people, The Wise (Young) Mommy is doing something that I hardly EVER do and it is going to shock you:

I am going out tonight with my girlfriends!!!!

Yee-ha! Watch out! Somebody call the authorities! I am escaping out of my little bubble that consists of two children and a computer and am going to a very provocative little party at my friend's house called an "Athena" party. Anyone ever heard of it? Well, let's just say the Athena people sell toys, but not the kind you give your kids. I won't be doing any Christmas shopping tonight people, tonight is all about MOI (and my husband, kinda).

I might even wear something nice and put on some makeup and MAYBE wear HEELS!

Yes, I know I am running the chance of losing the contest for most shabby homeless-looking mommy. I even got my eyebrows done this morning so I stopped looking like that kid from the Jonas Brothers (sorry Happy Hour Sue!). Just call me a "wild child!" I just hope I don't get drunk and end up buying something really disgusting and then do obscene things with it while my girlfriends take pictures cuz then I would be REALLY embarrassed. (Oh, who are we kidding, the would be hilarious and I would probably even post the pictures for you if I wasn't afraid of attracting porn mongers to my blog--I mean, people are already coming here that wake up with their hand in their butts, I don't want anyone that wakes up with something ELSE in their butt!)

What's funny is that I am going to get all primped and preened and feeling sexy, might even spritz a little perfume on, pull on my high heeled boots, and go hang out in someone's house with a bunch of WOMEN. Seriously, there are NO men involved in this and there is certainly no one I am looking to impress because it is a group of my close girlfriends from high school and we all see each other in various assortments of mommy fashion like sweat pants and jeans and don't care. But the thought of getting dressed up and going out without my children attached to my leg and without a diaper bag in tow has me so excited that I don't care. I want to look HOTT (two t's because I am that smokin'!) for my ladies!

Cause let's face it mommies, we NEED the girl's night out. And most of us don't get them often enough! So let's hear a WOOT WOOT for me for I am BREAKIN OUT TONIGHT!

And maybe, just maybe, if you guys are really good and leave me, like A HUNDRED comments, I will post a picture.

And by the way, I hit 10,000 visitors last night!!!! And in honor of that I will be hosting my first giveaway next week--you won't want to miss it!