Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Fun with Google Searches!

OK ladies and gentleman, it is time for another rousing edition of "What kind of crazy mo-fos are trying to find weird things and end up at my blog?"!!!

Here are some of the funniest keywords people have Google searched for that have dropped them right smack on The Wise (*Young*) Mommy:

"I have a muffin top"--Why yes, so do I! Welcome!

"Get up early find something's missing"--hmmm..this might be an issue for the cops, not me!

"How do you make beefaroni?"--I could save myself a good $3 a week if I knew the answer to that one!

"Mommy I have hair"--oh no, poor mommy

"Michelle tanner baby book"--someone needs a life, that's alls I'm sayin'!

"Will skunks feed if it's raining?" I hope so...for their sakes

"Really sexy mommy"--yep! you've definitely come to the right place!

"Well bugger my old dog"--yeah, have no idea what this person is looking for, but pretty sure they aren't gonna find it here...

And finally, the funniest, most bizarre keyword search that literally made me laugh until I almost tinkled when I saw it:

"Waking up with my hand in my butt"

Ta-da! There you have it my loves, another giggle brought to you by Google.

Enjoy the titillation!