Friday, October 17, 2008

I Missed THAT?

Well, there are a few things that make me really sorry that I missed the debate last night. I totally planned on watching it, and then got all caught up in making a DIORAMA (by the way, you would all be SO proud of me, I didn't nit-pick or take over or ANYTHING. He totally did it all by himself, except for the glue gun cause I just knew he would glue himself to something) and was so flustered and exhausted afterward that I completely forgot it was on! I know! How could I? You see, that's what dioramas do to me! So here are the reasons I am disappointed I missed the debate:

#1. It is my responsibility as an American citizen to watch ALL the debates to be sure that I am making an educated decision when it comes time to cast my vote.

# 2. I missed out on hearing John "Old Wrinkled Politician" refer to the typical middle class man as "Joe Plumber" (is he related to Joe Six-Pack? Must be. I think I dated a Joe Plumber once...).

An finally, the biggest reason I am upset that I missed the debate:

I didn't get to feast my eyes on this:

...and laugh my ass off for the rest of the night!

Did I mention I was doing a DIORAMA?

Damn second grade! If I vote for the wrong guy I am totally blaming Mrs. M.!