Thursday, October 2, 2008

You Have Hair Down There???

Another glorious aspect of motherhhood is our lack of privacy and the fact that, for most moms, any sense of modesty goes right out the window. Case in point: this morning, when my 2-year-old daughter, wise beyond her years and always curious about the world around her, accompanied me to the bathroom. The conversation went a little like this:

Baby Girl: (Sticking her hand down my shirt). Mommy's boobies!!

Me: Yes, those are mommy's boobies.

Baby Girl: One, Two. Two boobies!

Me: Yep, I have two.

Baby Girl: (Looking down and noticing my shiny, happy hoo-ha) Mommy, you have hair on your bum!

Me: Yes, I do. (while sitting on the toilet, trying to keep my daughter's hands out of my crotch.)

Baby Girl: You have hair down THERE???

Me: Yes, baby, mommies have hair down there. Well, some mommies do.

Baby Girl: Can we brush it?

Me: (Now fidgeting uncomfortably on the toilet, just waiting for her to snatch a handful). No honey bun, we don't brush it.


Me: Yes, and when you get to be a big lady like mommy, you will have hair down there too. It happens when you get older. OK?

Baby Girl: Yep.

Me: Any other questions?

Baby Girl: Yes.

Me: What is it baby? (Now getting a little weary and just wanting to get out of the g-darn bathroom)

Baby Girl: Can I have an apple?

So that was it. My first anatomy discussion with my daughter. I hadn't anticipated it to be this early on in her life, but I have a feeling it is only one of many more to come before I am fully prepared.

I am having hot flashes just thinking about it.