Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Check Me Out on MomDot!

Hey, remember that time, at band camp...wait, no, sorry, I mean--

--the time when I won Drama Queen in the Dottie Awards? Yeah, that was great...

Oh wait, I had a point here...

Oh yeah! The ladies over at MomDot featured me because of it (how radical, don't you think?) and you can find the little spotlight piece I wrote about myself over at MomDot today! Woopee! Hooray! Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!

And also, you can check out my new weekly column over at Moms Helping Moms. It is called The Home Office and it's all about being a rockin' mom and working at home to help pay those bills (you know those pieces of paper that you shove in a drawer and forget about until those annoying people start calling you...). So go see the first edition of The Home Office and join Moms Helping Moms if you haven't already--cause it's awesome (and if you don't, I will hunt you down and give you a wet willy!).

And tune in tomorrow because I have an awesome post coming about a transvestite Barbie and my parenting style in regards to enlightening my children about alternative lifestyles. It's going to be tranny-riffic!