Wordpress Powerpack

Well, I don't use Wordpress myself, but after seeing some of the cool things I could do with it with the new Wordpress themes and plugins, I am thinking about switching! WordpressPowerpack.com gives you the breakdown of what you can get in the Powerpack, including some really cool themes and plugins. The additional features you can get here will help you make money from your blog, while saving you precious time that you can spend providing quality content for your readers.

My favorite feature on WordpressPowerpack.com is the Auto Content Generator. We don't have anything like that in Blogger! Basically, you can set up the generator to feed quality content and resources to your blog every day! If you are trying to make money blogging and want to be able to juggle multiple blogs at a time, this is the perfect solution. Instead of having to write lengthy posts on your own on a daily basis, you can have the plugin do it for you!

There is also a list included of the 188 most useful Wordpress plugins that will show you how to use the features of Wordpress best to your advantage to make your blog stand out and shine!

And finally, the Powerpack includes impressive Wordpress themes, such as ones that will help you monetize with Adsense, Clickbank and SEO! Add to that a list of themes that look really cool and pleasing to the eye and you have a great selection to choose from to give your blog that extra flair!