Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Tropical Storm, Lots of Mud and a Kiss...

Four years ago today, I married this guy:

This is what I looked like on that day:

We had a tropical storm that day in Massachusetts, gail force winds and torrential downpours.

My wedding reception was outdoors.

So everyone pulled together and helped clean up the mess in the backyard of my parents' house so that I could have my dream wedding. By that afternoon, as the limo was pulling up to the house to bring me to the church, the sky cleared. It was a miracle. The wedding rocked. It was, in my opinion, the best wedding ever!

So in honor of my anniversary, I am going to post the 10 things that I love about my husband. Here goes:

10. He's a sexy bitch.

9. He always says I look good, even when I KNOW I don't.

8. He loves my boobs.

7. He's an awesome dad.

6. He thinks I am funny.

5. I can be myself around him.

4. He likes to cuddle.

3. He has a big...heart.

2. He doesn't have a hairy back (yet).

1. He made my dreams come true.

So there.