Fasttrack Fundraising--Raise the Roof!

Unfortunately, with the economy the way it is and with our uncertain school budgets, schools need all the help they can get. One way we can help as friends and family of students is to participate in school fundraisers to get money for the high quality equipment, supplies and activities that our children deserve in their schools. So when I found this, I thought it was really cool that I can see what's available out there and help organize something.

Fasttrack Fundraising has various different fundraising programs to choose from. Just to name a few, there are merchant discount cards, food and snacks (lollipops, popcorn, beef jerky) and brochures such as gourmet cookie dough (yum, my favorite!) and scented candles. We all know we can use some extra goodies for gifts, and this way, you are also giving the gift of funding for your school! Not only do they sponsor fundraisers involving selling stuff, but they also have some other really cool options, such as silent auctions and credit card applications (when people apply for a certain credit card, your fundraiser gets $15!). Some of these I had never heard of before but they are innovative, fun and an interesting new way to raise money.

So whether you are looking to raise money for your school, church or organization, check out There you can get started on your fundraiser, as well as find tips and articles that might help with your new venture. Best of all, they offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders.

Go ahead--make some money!