Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Perverts, Perverts Everywhere!

So I have come across a few blogs that have listed the funny keyword searches that Google Analytics reported brought people to their site and I was oh-so-jealous because all of mine were really lame.

Not anymore!

I just checked it and here is a list of the most perverted, freaky google searches that brought creepy people to my site (and a couple that are just funny):

1. boner boy 8yo + 9 yo (I am hoping this is a mom looking for answers on her son having a boner, not someone looking for 8 and 9-year-old "boner boys."

2. hygiene from not showering (glad to know others are concerned about this)

3. "big ass" (yes, I have one, so what?)

4. mommy's vigina structure after birth (and yes, they did misspell vagina)

5. people that have met the devil (yep, that's me!)

6. young mommies who like to fuck (EW!)

7. young world wide girls sexy (you do find a lot of those frequenting my blog)

8. mommy up the arse (yes, sometimes...)

9. pretty girl sex with dog (hopefully the dog is just watching...)

and last but not least:

10. sex site:thewiseyoungmommy.blogspot.com (WTF??)

Apparently someone out there knows about my blog and thinks it's a sex site??? I have to admit, that really skeeved me. (I thought the news of my underground porno ring hadn't spread that far.)

OK, so for those of you perverts, creeps and dirty, unwashed people reading my blog:

Thanks for comin'!