Thursday, September 25, 2008

29 Candles--Where's the Fire Extinguisher?!

Today is my birthday.

Twenty-nine years ago today, my mother grunted, groaned and pushed out the little bundle of joy that is ME. For that, I am eternally grateful. Thanks Mama. However, there are some things I am not grateful for today, and those are:

1. I am sick. The whole family has been sick and I thought I had escaped it, but no, it was just a cruel joke and the illness decided to take hold right before my birthday. Boo, I say.

2. I have my period. Yes, too much information, I am sure, but get over it. Mother Nature has a sense of humor and she wanted to see if I could get through this last birthday before I turn 30 while fighting hormones, cramps and a backache that won't quit.

At the risk of seeming like an old fart, I will list the things I am grateful for on this, my 29th birthday:

1. My husband took my daughter to my sister's so I could have a day to rest and recuperate without the 2-year-old poking my eyeballs out every time I close my eyes, saying "Wake up Momma!"

2. There is ice cream in the refrigerator.

So things aren't all that bad, really.

Man, it seems like just yesterday I was celebrating my 21st birthday by getting inordinately drunk off tequila and marveling at how much more interesting my family was when they (and I) were drunk. How the time flies! I am pretty sure I am not where I thought I would be at 29 all those years ago. I probably would have told you that I would be in New York or L.A. living the life of a working actor, on my way to an Oscar (HA, the dreams of a naive young lass). But here I am: mommy, wife, writer (in that order), living with my in-laws and broke as a joke. It's not as depressing as it seems, I promise. First of all because my kids are the shit, THE cutest, smartest and funniest kids to ever drive a mother crazy. Secondly, because I married an awesome guy who has made it a lot more interesting going through all the tough times, and we still love each other and have fun together. And lastly, because I finally feel like I am doing what I was supposed to do as a profession by writing and editing. I feel at home at the computer, manipulating words and fixing sentence structure. So all in all, life is good.

And I am hoping that I am on my way to becoming a fine-ass cougar someday, and that will really make it all worth it.