Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Sexy Game of Tag

OK, it's actually not really sexy, but my sexy, smokin' hot pal Mama of Romance over at Sex Diaries of a Mom tagged me for this meme, so I am considering it sexy simply because she is involved. Visit her over there, not just because she is hot, but because she writes incredible posts about moms and our sex lives (or lack thereof) and relationships with our "significant" others.

OK, so here is the MEME!

1. Where were you 10 years ago?

I was just starting college at Bridgewater State in Bridgewater, MA. I was young, stupid and completely "against the grain" in my mind, complete with pink streaked hair, tongue ring and tattoos. How LAME, right?

2. What's on Today's To-Do List?

Hmmm...what do I need to do or what do I WANT to do? OK, well, I am supposed to do two more hours of editing and then write two or three small articles. However, of course, I would much rather do the kind of writing that I DON'T get paid for (a.k.a. my blog) and sit around watching movies and painting with my kids.

3. Name Five Places You Have Lived

Brookline, MA, Dedham, MA, Foxboro, MA, North Attleboro, MA, Medfield, MA--Yes, I have never left Massachusetts, despite my far-fetched dreams of making it in New York or Hollywood.

4. Name Three of Your Bad Habits

Just three?? OK, well, I shop too much and buy too much stuff for my children. I hate cleaning the bathroom; therefore, I don't do it as much as I should, to the point where sometimes I am even grossed out (I always swear when we move, I will do better. We'll see). I am WAY too sensitive and insecure and constantly worry about my looks and my body. It annoys my husband to no end, as you can imagine.

5. What Are Your Favorite Snacks?

Ice cream, chocolate and cookies!!!! If it is fattening and sweet, shove it in my mouth please!

6. Who Will You Tag for This Meme?

Athena over at Hot Child in the Suburbs and Karly at Wiping Up Snot

So thanks Mama of Romance, I feel sexier just for doing this survey. (Insert sexy image of me here--use your imagination--it's better than the real thing, I promise.)