Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What I Learned on the First Day of School

1. My 8-year-old looks really cute, but all too grown up, in his new school clothes.

2. I forgot what it was like to have complete silence in the house in the middle of the afternoon--and I like it.

3. My daughter misses her brother when he is at school and is probably going to ask me "Where's Big Boy?" at least 10 times a day from now until next summer.

4. There is even MORE paperwork to fill out in second grade, and I now know our health insurance policy number by heart.

5. Tired, cranky kids are VERY clingy after the first day of school (and I have the stretched out tee-shirt to prove it).

6. Baking brownies is the perfect end to the first day of school (but not when you are trying to lose weight--DOH!)