Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Awesome Award!

(Did you notice the alliteration in the title people? Come on, humor me please.)

So one of my favorite Mommy Bloggers whom I look up to with respect and utter admiration because her posts are so wonderfully written, thoughtful, poignant, and FUNNY has given little ole ME an award! I can't believe it! And it is a really cool award because it is a sister award!

Rachel over at Following in My Shoes bestowed upon me this pretty little note and I am so flattered! Since my real little sister is 16 and thinks I am pretty lame, this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! And it came upon the heels of my daughter calling me a crackhead so this eases the pain of that incident as well.

So in the grand tradition of blog awards, I am going to pass along the love. The person I am passing this along to is my friend (in real life!) Mel from The Mommydoodles Blog because she is the one that introduced me to blogging, told me how to do it, held my hand through the process and even designed my blog! I am forever grateful and indebted to her, so she gets this blog love as a thank you!

So thanks Rachel and Mel for making the blogosphere a better place!