Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm a WHAT?

Well, it seems that my lack of parenting skills has migrated from baby care to appropriate language. As you may have already read, my daughter picked up some "questionable" behaviors that she has been exhibiting while playing with her baby dolls. Well, this beats that--HANDS DOWN.

I just went to innocently remove my daughter from her booster seat and she looked at me and said (OK, wait for it, this is a dramatic pause for effect):


Yes, I am serious.

Now, this could be another word that is just sounding like crackhead, but I swear to Oprah Winfrey that it sounded clear as a bell like my daughter was callin' me out like a gangsta' ho. Of course, the look of shock and dismay on my face tickled her pink and she proceeded to shout it over and over again--

"Crackhead, crackhead, CRACKHEAD!!! Mommy is a CRACKHEAD!"

I was speechless. I honestly, really did not have a CLUE what to say (and this does not happen often, ask my husband). So I said, "Honey, that is NOT a nice word. Please don't call Mommy that." And you know what she said?

"Butt Head!"

I give up.