Monday, August 11, 2008

Someecards Meme--So Funny!

I found this meme on Get a Grip Mom! and I thought it was hilarious! What you do is pick five cards from that describe your life in unflattering ways. The e-cards there are HILARIOUS! (Some are very insulting and shocking, but they made me laugh nonetheless!)

Here are the ones I picked out:

Yes, sometimes I feel like I am going a wee bit crazy being the mom of two rambunctious (albeit lovely) kiddos!We never do things as a family, and sometimes I just want to scream "We are going to spend some nice, quality family time together and you are all going to like it!!!"

Sadly, I am old enough to be able to share with my children the joyful (NOT) memories of dial-up internet! Apparently, I am also old enough to remember when saying NOT! was cool...

Sometimes I feel like my husband and I go long periods of time only saying how much we care by text..better than nothing isn't it?

And my personal favorite:

Need I say more???

So go on, find some hilariously entertaining e-cards that you can relate to and post them on your blog. Good times!