Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

Well, not really because my throat is ON FIRE (I guess my germ laden, snotty nosed children passed along their colds to their unsuspecting, UNDESERVING mother). But, besides that, I have been given another award--YIPPEE! And it is from one of my very favorite mom bloggers over at Outnumbered Two to One, which makes it even cooler. She makes me laugh so hard I practically need some Depends just to read her blog, and therefore, I love her (because who doesn't love peeing their pants, right? Right? I guess I'm alone on this one...) Anyway, here is the award, which I think is just darling:

But of course, there are rules (Geesh! Doesn't anyone know that I am too ant-establishment for all these rules? But seeing that I am only anti-establishment in my dreams and in real life I always follow the rules, I will be following these rules to the letter.) So this is how my bestower had it, so I am stealing it from her because my throat hurts and I am tired and just feel like being lazy:

The System
  1. Slap this baby up on your blog. Don’t be shy.
  2. Link to the giver.
  3. Nominate up to seven other fab blogs.
  4. Post links to those super fly blogs your nominating.
  5. Leave messages for your recipients on their blogs…so they can feel as special as you. Laughing

The Envelope Please

  1. Problem Girl
  2. Wiping Up Snot
  3. The Neurotic Mom
  4. Undomestic Diva
  5. June Cleaver Nirvana
  6. Mommy Melee
  7. Dirty Little Secret

So there you have it. Some of these blogs I have listed are big names that get so many comments and awards every day that they probably will not even acknowledge my meager attempt at honoring them, but hey--I love their blog, so they deserve it. And a girl can pretend like she is a big, famous blogger that would be noticed by other big, famous bloggers, can't she? I LIKE MY FANTASIES PEOPLE, WORK WITH ME HERE!

Again, thank you Outnumbered Two to One. My hot, fiery, molten lava throat thanks you as well, for taking attention away from it for a brief period of time!