Sunday, August 10, 2008

SHRED it Up Baby!

My good friend recommended a work-out DVD to me yesterday that she has been using, and she loves it. It is called "30 Day Shred" by Jillian Michaels, the trainer from The Biggest Loser. What I like about this is that each exercise session is only 30 minutes (can I squeeze in 30 minutes, God, I hope so!) and she said that it KICKS YOUR ASS! That is what I am looking for--a work-out that makes me sweat but goes by quickly so I don't get to the point where I am too tired and start thinking about all the other things I need to do. It also uses circuit training, which I know from my experience as a certified personal trainer is actually the most effective and quickest way to work out to lose weight. It alternates between weight training, cardio and ab work--3 minutes of each one, with very little recovery time. I figure if I can get myself to do this, maybe, just maybe, I can start to shake off this lazy ass feeling I have from the lack of exercise in my life.

Here's one review from

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent :-), March 13, 2008
By Little Miss Cutey (Melbourne, Australia) - See all my reviews
This is a really good workout. It's geared a little more to advanced exercisers, but the choreography is fairly basic and you will definitely feel this the next day. There are three workouts that combine toning and aerobics together which are about a half an hour each. This way, you're burning fat and toning muscles at the same time. It's a little challenging, but fun and effective. The first workout is the easiest of the three and from there it gets more challenging. The most challenging workout is tough like she shows on The Biggest Loser (i.e., traveling push-ups and tough jumps, etc.). It's a good idea if you're intermediate to begin either at the start or middle and stick to that for a while and then move on. Each workout uses toning, kickboxing and ab work.

I found this really good to do. It's absolutely a good idea to not go too quickly with it and begin at the lower of the three levels even if you do it only a couple of times - you can always advance as soon as you're ready for your next workout. She may not be the best cuer, but she is certainly encouraging and motivating. This is fun and I highly recommend it. I've only done it twice so far since it's so new, but I can still feel my muscles thanking me. This is great.

So I ordered it today from Amazon, it was only $10.99, which I thought was a pretty good deal so I am all amped up to get started. Hopefully I will receive it by the end of the week and I will have something to report to you guys soon on how I feel about it. I am ALWAYS looking for new things to keep me interested in working out, and I personally love to hear from others on how they feel about products, so I am going to pass my experience along to you.

Check it out, and if you decide to try it, let me know and we can share our experiences together!