Thursday, August 21, 2008

Showering--Not Just for Personal Hygiene Anymore!

As I stood in the shower this morning ( get your minds out of the gutter now!), I was looking around and realizing how dirty the walls of the shower were. It occurred to me that I could kill two birds with one stone by cleaning the shower while I was in there already attempting to cleanse myself. I proceeded to do so, and as I did, another thought popped into my head. "What else can I do in here?" (Again, heads out of the gutter--sheesh!) Maybe I could grab a few dirty dishes and wash those. Or I could even hand wash some of my "delicates" a.k.a. my white cotton granny panties because that is, sadly, all I wear these days (when I wear underwear at all). As I finished up cleaning the shower head (and shaving my legs--woo-hoo for me!), I realized something.

Maybe us moms are taking this multi-tasking thing too far. Should I really have to share my shower with a cleaning chore? I mean, really! My husband gets to have a nice, warm shower in the morning doing nothing but washing and being immersed in his thoughts (GOD, again, HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER, seriously people. And he doesn't do that anyway, because I keep him so sexually satisfied that he has no other needs WHATSOEVER-ROFL)--why shouldn't I? Why should I constantly be thinking about how I can combine my creature comforts with the daily responsibilities of the household?

At least twice in the last month, I can recall a time when I was attempting to "multi-task" (I put it in parentheses because now it is being referred to as a life threatening disease that has no official name) and I did something stupid. Once I burned the rice because I was trying to cook, clean the kitchen and have a tea party with my daughter. Another time I forgot about the laundry and shrunk my favorite pair of non-fat emphasizing capri pants (GODDAMMNIT!) because I was blogging while working and at the same time humoring my daughter's love for show tunes (by the way, blogging while working, a.k.a. BWW, is a major offense in some countries and is punishable by a court of law). So don't try it ladies. I am begging you. STOP THE MADNESS. STOP THE MULTI-TASKING!

And don't even get me started about the cell phone while driving...I am lucky to be alive (and you know you are too!)