Monday, March 16, 2009 SEXIS Article Review - Sex and Pregnancy: A Short Guide to Getting Off When You’re Knocked Up

Don't worry people, there will be an item review and giveaway coming up again soon, but today I have something a little different for you from, my very first ARTICLE review from the new section of their site called SEXIS, which is a great resource for articles containing anything from sex tips to sex education. There you will find a a fantastic selection of good reading, either for educational or entertainment purposes. If you are looking for a place to find informational and informative articles about sex that aren't too cold and medical, then SEXIS is the place to go. Seriously, you are going to want to check it out. Plus, there is a forum community where you can post your questions or comments on the articles. I will be an active member over there now that I am reviewing articles (and possibly writing some too), so I would love for you guys to join in on the discussions!

"I believe the public is ready to accept that a pregnant woman can be a sexual, desirable woman."

Nina Hartley

The quote above kicks off the article Sex and Pregnancy: A Short Guide to Getting it On When You're Knocked Up. As you can already see by the title, this isn't your momma's article on sex during pregnancy. The author gives you the straight story on what is appropriate (and not) in the sack while you have a bun in the oven. And rather than simply delve into the basic information that many other articles go into, it even goes into different positions, masturbation and problems with body image and sexual desire. As most mothers know, the pregnant body is a crazy and mysterious place, and sometimes it is not all that easy for us to understand the changes taking place. This article outlines all these changes and how to face them head-on without sacrificing you and your partner's love life. The piece also goes into sex after childbirth, which can be even harder for women to deal with. It provides insight on how to cope with the changes that have taken place due to pregnancy, as well as how to bring the romance back after possibly a long hiatus from intimacy.

Go ahead and check out the article for yourself, and while you are there, browse around and read some of the other articles that range from sex culture and sex news. You might find that SEXIS is your new number one sex guide on the internet. And don't forget to join the forums and get in on the discussions.

Coming up soon will be another product review and giveaway and keep a look out for my second article review next week!