Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Venus Pendulum: A Brief History of Women and Sex

Ever feel like the men in your life should be bowing down and worshiping at the alter that is your uterus? Yeah, me too. And there was a time WAY back when that happened on a regular basis, complete with statues and shrines built for worshiping goddesses. The article The Venus Pendulum: A Brief History of Women and Sex from SEXIS at EdenFantasys.com explores these practices, along with the theory that the history of women and sex is like a pendulum, which swings back and forth between "Venus-centric" and "penis-centric," from adoring and respecting women and their sexuality, to stifling their sex lives and condemning the clitoris while simultaneously placing the penis on a pedestal.

The article is interesting, and the author does a great job of summarizing a fascinating and complicated subject in a fairly short piece of writing. The major movements in women and sex throughout history are cataloged, each further described with quotes from renowned authors and philosophers who have taken on the subject. The concept of one era considering the reproductive organs as sacred and mystical while another deems it the cause of women's "hysteria" is proof of this pendulum theory and how religion and society have radically transformed people's thoughts. Currently we are at the top of the upswing, and tits and ass abound, so according to the theory we should be heading into a darker, more conservative sexual age. Does this mean we may be spared seeing Hannah Montana's spread in Playboy in the near future? Somehow, unfortunately, I think not.

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