Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm So Effin Thankful it Hurts

At least I think that is why my boobs are killing me. I have heard that being overly thankful can lead to chronic chesticle pain. Either way, I'm still thankful.

And since the gluttonous of all the holidays that encourages us to gorge ourselves with food until we pass out on the couch with our pants unbuttoned and sit around in uncomfortable silence (or outrageous fighting) with our families is around the corner, today I will write about exactly what I am thankful for. You will have to forgive me though, because I have not been feeling well, thus I don't have a lot of overwhelmingly "fuzzy" feelings taking over me. Excuse me if portions of this list seem a little sarcastic. But you know, you are on the "Wise" Young Mommy blog. You didn't think it was called that because I'm smart, did you? Dumb ass...

So of course it goes without saying that I am thankful for my family, the health of my children, my friends, and blah-de-blah-de-blah, right? I mean, I am not a monster. I love my peeps. There is nothing more important to me than my friends and family and their health and well-being. Well, except this:
Yes people, this is the piece of equipment that I bought at the girl's night out party and it has not disappointed. I am also thankful to Elizabeth at Parenting Pink for oh-so-generously dubbing me the "Goddess of Dildos," which is a title I accept proudly. I will try my best not to let down my fellow lovers of all things electric and vibratory and represent them with grace and style. Wow, vibratory is actually a word...I thought I made it up. Anyway...

While we are on that topic, I would like to state that I am supremely thankful that I have not seriously offended anyone on my blog (at least that I know of) and if I did, they were smart enough to mosey on to another blog full of rainbows and sunshine and non-vibratory things. Also, that none of the disturbed people that Googled "sexy ass young mommy" and "wise mommies like them young" have not contacted me or left me inappropriate comments that would make me want to shut down this blog forever. So there's definitely that...

I am also thankful for him:

...because he is beautiful and occasionally I get to look at him on the television.

Then there's this:

And it's not what you think. I am thankful that I do not have teenage daughters that I had to stand outside in the cold for hours for to get tickets to this movie. Nor did I have to hear them squeal and scream over Edward, or listen to their little friends squeal and scream over Edward. I know that someday it will be my turn and there will be another equally obsessed-over movie that my daughter will dig, but I am just grateful that I escaped this one.

The little things people.

I am extremely thankful that I can fill up my gas tank for less than the cost of a car down payment, that's for sure. However, I am pretty sure that I could buy a whole friggin farm for the amount of money I spend in groceries every month. The universe gives, and it takes, I suppose.

And lastly, I would like to thank a few of my bloggy friends who have supported me and made me laugh these past few months, and that helped me immensely in getting this blog off the ground. They have become not only people to tag for a meme or pass an award along to, they have become true friends. If you haven't checked out any of these people's blogs, you must do so now, or the Thanksgiving Turkey of Thankfulness will come peck your nose off. Or at least you will be missing out on some great blogs, and that's just wrong.

Here they are, in no particular order:

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Also, thank you to Ron at Clark Kent's Lunchbox for giving me my first guest post, which was an awesome experience and it made me feel a tiny bit special and a little gooey inside that he thought enough of me to trust me with his blog.

And these people are just hilarious and I emulate them to no end. I am thankful for them because they continue to raise the bar and give me something to work towards as a writer and blogger:

Jenny, the Bloggess
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There are a lot more incredible blogs out there that keep me entertained and envious of their copious blogging skillz, and I am sorry if I have left you off the list, but I can only type so many, plus I have to link all of them, and I am really tired and feeling cranky and my boobs hurt, so I am going to leave it at that.

Thanks bloggy world, for just being you, and allowing me to be me.


You can't see it, but I am saying "you complete me" in sign language.

Happy Turkey Day!