Friday, November 7, 2008

Some People Think I am Cool (AKA Oh, the Disillusionment!)

When I first started writing in this little corner of the internet, I really, honest to blog, didn't think that anyone was going to read it except for my mother and MAYBE my husband. Well, I was wrong on two counts. # 1. A lot more people read it and # 2. My husband doesn't. No, just kidding, he does, I just like to give him a hard time because with his insanely busy schedule sometimes he goes weeks at a time without checking it. Which is fine with me, actually, because there are probably plenty of posts I wouldn't mind him missing out on because in my mind, only about 42% of what I write is readable. Maybe 43%. No, definitely 42. But thankfully, some people disagree. SHOCKING, I exclaim. Some people even think I am "sparky" and (now hold your breath for this one people) SUPERIOR. I would NEVER call myself superior (unless we're talking about activities in the know, like making the bed--you dirty, dirty individual, I know what you were thinking), but Jim over at Irregularly Periodic Ruminations apparently thinks my scribbling is superior, so he gave me this:

I am assuming this means that he likes what I write, so for that, I am flattered, and also wondering if he should have his head checked (but that's for other reasons that we won't go into now...) But, no matter the reason, I say THANK YOU JIM. I am especially honored because it seems that Jim now has a little posse of groupies that treat him like a rock star, although I am not completely convinced that it doesn't have to do with subliminal messages placed on his blog. Very suspicious.

The next award is from Bridget over at Mama Belly Blog and Jennifer from Sex Diaries of a Mom, and it is the Maternal Spark Sparky Blogger Award, and it sure is purdy!!

I really like the idea of sparking creativity, conversations, controversy and friendship. Those are all pretty awesome things to spark, if you ask me. Almost as awesome as a doobie. Almost.

So the last thing I want to "scribble" about today is how much I appreciate YOU (yeah you, you doofus, stop looking around). Because I wouldn't get so much out of this whole blogging thang if it weren't for you, the gals and guy (thanks Jim) who frequent my blog and leave comments harrassing me, supporting me and all around making me laugh until I tinkle. I never imagined that blogging would actually make me part of a community and that I would make actual friends from it, but lo and behold--I have. That's boffo, as a friend of mine would say (you know who you are). I hit 50 followers yesterday (after some pleading on Twitter and a couple of small pay-offs) and I was pretty stoked that 50 people actual want to get into my sick, twisted mind every day. Although they are probably just waiting for me to post another embarrassing picture of myself (or for more stories about dildos), I am super duper appreciative and humbled. Cause, you know, sometimes I wonder if I really make any sense to anyone else but guys prove to me that I do (or at least that my nonsensical ramblings are mildly humorous).

Now I must pass these awards to five other unsuspecting bloggers. So here they are:

1. Kelly over at The Neurotic Mom
2. Toni at a Daily Dose of Toni
3. Renee at Cutie Bootie Cakes
4. Jenni at Jiggety Jigg
5. Angie at In Pursuit of Fulfillment

All these ladies spark all kinds of things and are definitely superior scribblers, so there you have it. I demand that you go visit them and tell them that Petra sent you. (By the way, that's me).

Later playas.