Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Antics

Well, I promised you pictures of my kids, but we were so busy hounding people for candy that we didn't get very many. However, here are a few so you get the general idea:

This is my son and goddaughter. She was some kind of witch-type thing and he was a combination of Batman, Spiderman and Darth Vader. I was pretty sure people weren't going to "get" his concept of a "mixed-up" super hero and that they were just going to think he was a little slow, but he thought it was pretty cool, so who am I to judge?

Here's my little monkey, off on her first actual Trick-or-Treating excursion. Notice the look on her face which says "It's already past my bedtime and I am overtired, but completely hopped up on sugar so HERE I GO TO GET MORE CANDY!" She ended up doing fantastic and she was SO incredibly excited; it just thrilled me to watch her experience it. Just the fact that she got to walk around outside in the dark was exciting to her. How can you beat that?

Here's a little bit of the aftermath. Now this face says "It's over?"

And here is my baby "reading" her Halloween card. THE cutest EVER!

There you have it! I have to go now so I can start working off the five pounds I have gained eating Halloween candy. Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween!