Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dildos: Give the People What They Want

I learned quite a bit about my readers by reaching out for help on my funny blogging dysfunction. The first thing I learned is that you guys are all horny perverts and are gagging for some more dildo pictures, stories, etc. Well, unfortunately, I don't have any more dildo stories (surprisingly enough), but in order to prevent the sex starved masses that frequent my blog from navigating away to some porn site or another, here you go:

I like to call this one "My dog ate my dildo"

Here's a gift for the aquarium lover in your life (if they also happen to be a complete pervert)

If you like "Where's Waldo?" you are going to love "Where's Dildo?"

And with this one I am pretty sure that I am sealing the deal on my ticket to hell, but for the churchgoer in your life we have the "CRUCIDICK"

Finally, for those of us who don't like to "dildo" solo, we have the dildo built for two:

I hope that satisfies all you sinners' craving for some crazy dildo action. If not, go to Google and type in: "perverts that love dildos" and I promise you that after you navigate through all the pictures of YOU PEOPLE, you will find something to satisfy your dildo lust.

I can't wait to see my Google keywords, I'm askin' for it...