Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where are My Underoos When I Need Them?

OK, I got the coolest award ever from Keely at the Un-Mom. You know why it's so cool? I will tell you why...

Because it is the WONDAH WOMAN AWARD!!

Yes, my friends, I said Wonder Woman, THE awesome chick superhero that I worshipped and emulated as a child. I distinctly remember a picture taken of me in my Wonder Woman Underoos (that I am sure you would love to see, but it's NOT gonna happen) from when I was about 4 years old, and all I can remember is thinking that I would NEVER take them off. Obviously, I did take them off eventually, but years later I remember finding those same Underoos and holding them sentimentally, wishing they still fit me so I could feel the spirit of Wonder Woman take over me like the old days.

Well, I digress...Let me show you this dope award

How cool is that? I still get the chills when I look at her...she's so cool.

So now I get to pass on the superhero love to other Wonder Mommies out there. I am going to pass this along to Jennifer at Sex Diaries of a Mom and Elizabeth at Parenting Pink because they are two other kick ass moms that run businesses from home and raise their kids with style.

So you must excuse me now because I have to go cruise e-bay for some Wonder Woman Underoos in size "chubby mommy."

Have a great weekend everyone!