Sunday, November 9, 2008

Two Awards (From Three Dope People) and a Pair of Spanky Pants

Spanky Pants?

Yes, spanky pants. Because my leg warmer wearin' buddy Jenni over at Jiggety Jigg told me I had to mention "spanky pants" in my post when I accepted her award. So there. I did it. Are you happy Jenni? Jenni is really awesome, so you should go send her some love when you get the chance. She is so awesome that she gave me this Motherload award and told me I could make up my own rules--yee-ha! So here is the award:

Look at that puppy! Pretty cool. So my rule for this award is that I am going to pass it along to just ONE other person, a person whom I hold very dear to my heart and who was one of two people to give me this next award this week. It just happens to be my rockin' MOMMY - Rose from All About Cakes. Yes, people, the one and only goddess that is 50% responsible for my existence (you can thank her when you see her, she gets it all the time). She is the ONLY recipient of the MOTHERLOAD award because well, she's the only person I know motherload-alicious enough in my book to receive it. So there you go mommy!

So my Mom and Heinous over at Irregularly Periodic Ruminations (who will from now on be known as "Daddy-o,") both gave me this award:
Since this award is in Portuguese and that is one of the six languages I am fluent in, I will translate for you. It means: "This blog invests and believes, in 'proximity' [meaning, that blogging makes us 'close' - being close through proxy]. These blogs are all charming and they aim to show the marvels of friendship. Lets give more attention to them! So with this prize we must deliver it to eight bloggers who in turn must make the same thing and put this text."

Yeah, I don't really know Portuguese but Daddy-o and my Mom say that that is what it means
so I believe them. For all I know it could say that I have unbearably stinky feet, but whatever. It's cool no matter what cause it's a MAJOR AWARD.

So I have to pass it along to eight others so they can continue to share the Portuguese fortune. So here they are, in no particular order:

1. Rachel at Following in My Shoes
2. Jennifer at Happily Ever After Land
3. Elizabeth at Parenting Pink Blog
4. My Aunt Lori at Recovering Stroke Survivor
5. Casey at Half as Good as You
6. Mel at Mommydoodles
7. Athena at Hot Child in the Suburbs
8. Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy.

Phew. I'm tired now. I don't have much stamina because I have been drinking mimosas at a baby shower all afternoon. Did you know that they have a jacuzzi spa for babies now?? I KNOW! Craziness. Anywho, I am off to spend the rest of my Sunday trying to relax while continually being asked to do something, and tomorrow I will have a nice little post for you to devour (you little bloggy vultures you!)

*kiss kiss