Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Day Randomness

Well hello my fellow Americans! I hope all of you got out and got 'er done today (or at least have plans to do so later). If you don't know what I am talking about, then I'll give you a hint: It involves a curtain, a small cubicle and it rhymes with bloating. Yeah, you know what I am talking about.

So I haven't voted yet, but I plan to do so later when I have someone to watch my darling children so they don't terrorize the lines of citizens waiting patiently for their turn to take advantage of democracy. So for now, since I am completely bogged down with work, I am going to recognize a couple of awards I have received as of late and call it a day. I promise to entertain you all with a smashing post tomorrow about my adventures as an insane multitasking momma and my recent mental breakdowns involving my daughter, my dog and vomit in the bath tub. Yeah, I betcha can't wait for that one!

So the first award I received was from Jennifer over at Sex Diaries of a Mom, which is one of my all time favorite blogs (not just because it's about sex, please people), because Jennifer is a really fly lady. Yes, I said fly. I'm bringing the word back, get ready for it.

Apparently, I have an uber-amazing blog!

Which is way better than just amazing, you know. UBER-amazing is a special title reserved for those bloggers (like Jennifer) who go above and beyond to pleasure their audience. Wait, I meant please their audience, yeah, that's right...

So thanks Jennifer!

Julie over at Cool Mom Guide gave me another version of the Kreativ Blogger award, which I am extremely grateful for because my other one was lonely and needy and being really clingy with the other awards. So she really saved me from thousands of dollars of blog award group therapy.

So there it is. Both awards are so pretty and girly, and therefore my first awardee that I am passing these to will be my very good (and manly, but not afraid of his feminine side) friend Heinous over at Irregularly Periodic Ruminations. I like him even though his blog title is way too long. And he wrote me a blog post on demand today, so he's on my good side...for now. Then I would like to pass this to Mommy Wants Vodka becuase I am really impressed that she is making it through this really trying time, what with the raging day care cold and the vaginal pain...need I go on? She deserves it. And lastly, I want to honor the Hussy Housewife over at My Suburban Can Run Over Your Minivan...and Will. She posted a really profound post about the Halloween candy addiction that so many of us suffer from, and she made me realize I am not alone. I am still waiting for Part 2, which is supposedly going to change my life and my intense obsession with fun sized chocolate coated confectionaries. Go read her--she's FUNNY.

So, again, I hope everyone gets out and votes today and doesn't let their voice go unheard. I'm pretty excited to find out the results tonight. Because no matter what, it will be CHANGE, which is what we need right now. So go do it!

And if that isn't enough reason to vote, I hear all kinds of places are giving away free stuff if you vote. So do it for the free Starbucks, loser.