Monday, December 1, 2008

Meme-y Monday

OK, well, I ate my turkey, I drank my wine and I gave my thanks. Now I am tired, bloated and cynical and also completely out of good ideas to write about. All I know is that I have a sink full of dishes, a TON of work to do and a 2-year-old to keep from sticking things in the toilet or drinking kitchen cleanser, so I am going to THRILL you with a meme I was tagged for, oh, say, two weeks ago that I just was too lazy to do, but now I have the perfect reason--I am a BRAIN DEAD zombie.

Although, on the muffin top front, I have been using my elliptical machine and tracking my eating and exercising online so that's a plus. Maybe, just maybe I will have some news that I have actually forced the number on the scale down sometime soon. If not, I may be the one drinking the kitchen cleanser, if for no other reason to induce vomiting and give it the old college try at the whole bulimia thing. So, you know, wish me luck.

Here's the meme. It's called the Five Things Meme. Hopefully y'all aren't sick of hearing me talk about myself yet and you'll stick around to read it. I was tagged by Dan over at DCRBlogs, and he really took a chance on me since he thinks I am NSFW (not suitable for work) and he has a lot of co-workers that read his blog. So I will suppose I will try to keep it PG-13 today. This may be difficult, but here goes nothin:

5 Things I Was Doing 10 Years Ago:

  1. Attending college as a Special Ed/Theater/Communications major at Bridgewater State College
  2. Working as a one-on-one in-home therapist with children with autism
  3. Drinking a lot of Stoli Razberri vodka in dorm rooms that smelled like dirty socks, urine and sex
  4. Attending a lot of rehearsals and pulling many all-nighters in order to get my schoolwork done
  5. Piercing my nipples in some guys dorm room while everyone was tripping on ecstasy (except me)

5 Things on My To-Do List Today:

  1. Get this dang blog post up
  2. Work, work, and work some more
  3. Do the dishes
  4. Go through the mail
  5. Keep myself from eating all the yummy things that I want to eat

5 Snacks I Like:

  2. ice cream
  3. cookies
  4. cheesecake

5 Things I Would Do if I Was a Millionaire:

  1. Pay off all my parents' debt
  2. Pay off all our debts
  3. Build our dream house
  4. Buy everyone new cars
  5. Donate to some charities

5 Places I Have Lived:

  1. Brookline, MA
  2. Dedham, MA
  3. Foxboro, MA
  4. North Attleboro, MA
  5. Bridgewater, MA

5 Jobs I Have Had:

  1. Barista (yeah, that means coffee shop worker)
  2. Special Needs Aide/Autism ABA Therapist
  3. Phramacy Technician
  4. Publishing Editor
  5. BoldFreelance Writer/Editor/Copy Writer

That's it. Hopefully you are still awake and the boring details of my life haven't made you slack jawed and drooling on your computer keyboard. I am not tagging anyone for this meme because:

1. I can't be bothered because I am a lazy bum.

2. I can't be bothered because I am a lazy bum.

So there.