Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ultimate Fighting Goes Bloggy--Don't Miss the Action!

I must admit that I didn't expect this competition to turn into a "trash talking, in your face, my penis is bigger than yours and I can pleasure your wife (or at least rub her feet) far superior to you" kind of competition, but knowing men and their love of proving their machismo and creating bloodshed, I should have known. So now we have the bloggy world's version of a virtual Ultimate Fighting competition taking place next week here at The Wise (Young) Mommy. The good news is that I have secured a sponsor:They have oh-so-graciously agreed to supply the hot wings and beer, but unfortunately, all the Ultimate Fighter ring girls were previously scheduled in Vegas, so we will be stuck with this former Playboy bunny to prance around the octagon with the round cards:

You seriously don't want to miss this. So far, I have everyone's submissions but Ron's, Ryan's and Matt's, but I already know that Ryan has been too busy drinking beer in the driveway and downloading porn, and Ron is probably trolling the internet for new articles on the return of the Lipstick Jungle, so I am assuming I will be getting their submissions at the last minute. And poor Matt pulled his groin muscle doing "squats" (yeah right) and I am not even sure if he will be able to get his submission in at all since he will be moaning and groaning and sitting on an ice pack. We know how men are with their "injuries."

So tune in Monday for our first two posts - Cajoh and Irish Gumbo will be dazzing you with their blogging skillz.

And I will be sitting back, reading with delight, and eating bon bons with my feet up on the couch. This contest was the best idea I've had in a long time...