Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown--HBSB Contestants Revealed

I know everyone is dying to know who is in the running to take over for our friend, Jim for He Blogs, She Blogs, so I won't keep you in anticipation any longer. Seven talented, funny and super cool guys decided they were up to the challenge of competing for this illustrious position, and I am THRILLED with the list. We have a super hero, a dad-to-be, an idiot boy, a self-proclaimed dumbass, a neighbor of Obama's, a crotchety old man, and a retrospective poet.. A motley crew, for sure, but I know this is going to be interesting at the very least and most likely HILARIOUS and awe-inspiring. Now that I have you on the edge of your seats, here they are, in no particular order:

1. Ron from Clark Kent's Lunchbox

2. Ryan from Pacing the Panic Room

3. IB from Idiot's Stew

4. Chad a.k.a. Captain Dumbass from Us and Them

5. Matt from DC Urban Dad

6. Joe from Crotchety Old Man Yells At Cars

7. Christopher from Cajoh

These are the fine men that will be competing for my love and affection...

wait, sorry--there goes my imagination running away from me again...

...for the honor of being my new other half in the weekly edition of He Blogs, She Blogs and will provide the peanut butter to my jelly, the plug to my outlet, the hot dog to my bun. I will be e-mailing them their questions today, so they can begin working on their masterpieces. Each dad will receive two questions that could be asked for HBSB, and they are to do their best to wow YOU, the readers, with their male perspective and convince you to vote them into the position. I will try to remain unbiased, and since I am a perfect specimen of morality, I cannot be bought or bribed (unless you offer some combination of chocolate, wine, cash, and exotic sex toys; I might just have to cave in that case--could you really blame me?) After all of the posts have been featured here on my blog, I will ask for you all to e-mail me your votes so I can determine the winner.

Dads, I know I said you would have until February 14th to get me your posts, but then I realized that 10 days is WAY too much time and I want someone who can pull stuff out of their ass, polish it off and have it shiny and fresh within a relatively short time frame. So now I am giving you all until Sunday evening, February 8th to get me your post. I will post two a day starting on Monday, with the final one on Thursday, in the order I receive them. Voting will begin on Thursday, February 12th, after the last post has been featured and will close Sunday night, February 15th. I will announce the winner here on Monday, February 16th and the lucky guy will begin his HBSB duties the following Monday. I don't know about you guys, but I am frikkin' PUMPED and can't wait to start hearing from the dudes.

Put your thinking caps on guys, and tune up your funny bones. This isn't going to be easy and you have some big shoes to fill, but I am confident you are all going to amaze us with your blogging prowess.

Go forth and blog, and Godspeed.

And please don't get distracted scratching your balls.