Thursday, May 7, 2009

We're Baaaaaaaack!

Just when you thought you were rid of us, Captain Dumbass and I are back, and back with a vengeance! We have a new blog for He Blogs, She Blogs, a new format and we are ready to rock out with our cocks out. Well, not me, cause I am lacking the proper equipment, but I'll improvise.

So go over to He Blogs, She Blogs and let me know what you think of the new pad. There is a welcome post up over there so read, comment, you know the drill. Also, FOLLOW us so you won't miss one juicy piece of HBSB action. We need topics for our posts, which are now both going to be featured over there on Thursdays, as well as some surprise guest posters here and there so leave us some ideas. What do you want each of us to blog about? This time around, it will be ONE topic per post, so we can wax extensively on each issue instead of just answering questions. Get creative and bring on the provocative questions you have always wanted sussed out by the opposite sex!

Oh yeah, and grab the button and put it in your sidebar. The Captain and I will be forever in your debt. Well, not really, but we will think you are really, really cool :)