Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not Even Close to Wordless Wednesday: A Pirate's Life For Me--AARRRGGGGHHH **UPDATED**

Leave it to me to have some of the best news of my life come along during one of the worst medical periods of my existence. I find out I have a weekly paid column in which I will be able to gather research and publicize my book, alongside finding out I have mono and then find out I am getting a raise for said job the day before I realize the reason I can't see out of my right eye is that I have a corneal abrasion along with a good old dash of edema on my eye, which makes me have to close my right eye to be able to see anything and it hurts, burns and weeps all day long.

I seriously considered buying an eye patch to save myself all the squinting, but abandoned that idea when I realized that I really don't need any help making myself look like a complete doofus. But I still can't resist the urge to mutter "argh" at regular intervals throughout the day.

The good news is that I got new glasses that are cute and comfy. The bad news is that I still can't see. But here they are:

Oh yeah, there is more good news. My weekly column, Sex and The Suburbs, over at SexIs Magazine is set to launch next Wednesday, June 3rd! Then you will be able to check out my sexy mommy musings every Wednesday after that! And look at the purty graphic that my graphic designer maiven, Mel "Mommy Doodles" Amorim made for it (picture courtesy of Sara LeeAnn Benevedes from The Bunny Cage):

Isn't it totally HOT? It sure makes me want to get it on in the suburbs. I am hoping that people think that is my ass in the photo, but in reality it is Sara's. This photo is from a series she has done called F*ck Being a Housewife and it is INCREDIBLE. You can check out her photography at her Etsy Store. She is my hero--so hot and talented.

So that's it. I guess you got a little bit of Wordless Wednesday mixed with a dash of Random Tuesday all jumbled up with my regular rants and raves. Maybe one of these days I will have the time and lucidity to write you a real post with clear, concise thoughts and an actual point. But for now, "you get what you get and you don't get upset."

Be sure to check out He Blogs, She Blogs tomorrow where we tackle the hard hitting issue of shopping. Should be fun. Better than pirate rants, at least.


I was just notified that my first article on SexIs Magazine is up today!! It is called Eroticism and The Executive Branch: The Sex Lives of The Presidents. I hope you will go read it and I REALLY hope you like it!