Thursday, May 14, 2009

Go Forth and Read: He Blogs, She Blogs

OK people, it's the day you have all been waiting for. There is a fly little post waiting for you over at the brand new He Blogs, She Blogs blog so head over there NOW, read what Captain Dumbass and I had to say and leave a comment!

Seriously, leave a comment because the Captain's self-esteem has been seriously dwindling lately and I just can't afford the increase in therapy bills.

And don't forget to tell us what topic you want us to discuss in the future. With the new format, we need hard-hitting issues to fill a whole post so don't be shy. From bestiality to transgender pregnancy, nothing is off limits!! Well, maybe bestiality.

So go forth, read and be merry. I am going to go have a glass of champagne to celebrate, which also makes the comments much more fun to read. Seriously, try it. You'll thank me for it.