Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Word to Ya Motha'!

Right now my kids think I am pretty cool. My 16-year-old sister, not so much. This made me realize, oh so sadly, that in a few years, my kids are going to think I am (gulp) UNCOOL! This is devastating to me, for I have always prided myself on being pretty hip, always having my finger on the pulse of what is cool in today's society. Yes, I do like show tunes and occasionally belt out with 'N Sync when they come on the radio...and I still think that The New Kids on the Block were pretty damn cool and highly underrated...but that doesn't mean I am a completely hopeless case of the lame-o mommies does it? Right now my 2-year-old daughter thinks it is uber-cool to dance with me to various artists ranging from Raffi to David Bowie, and loves when I sing in the car. I will admit, I am a pretty good singer, so who could blame her right? But I can foresee the day in the not-so-faraway future when she dreads hearing my beautiful tones and says "Mom, you are SO embarrassing." Also, I deeply cherish our snuggling time on the couch, and can spend an hour just running my fingers through her hair or stroking her cheek--ahhhh--just thinking about it gives me the warm n' fuzzies. But someday, when she is floating amidst a sea of hormones and peer pressure, she may (I can barely even type it...) PULL AWAY from me when I try to hug her or blush with humiliation when I brush her hair out of her face. She is my best buddy, my little angel, my snuggle bug, but someday she will be a teenager, and will she still want to hang out with me??

As for my son, he still wants to share all his FASCINATING stories about his Pokemon collection or the new game that is coming out for Playstation. Am I wrong to assume that in a few years (literally a few!) he is probably not going to want to divulge ANYTHING to me about his life in any way, shape or form? Not to mention the fact that he begs me to come play with him in his room now, but in a few years I will be forbidden to enter his sanctuary of boyish secrets. Yikes--I am having visions of finding Playboy under his bed and him blushing at me folding his underwear. I don't think I can handle it. I guess I have to try to appreciate the information and company now while I am still receiving it, because in the blink of an eye, it will be gone.

I am not fully convinced that there isn't a way for me to retain what I have left of my cool factor. However, I do not want to turn into one of those mothers that tries to dress like her kids, listen to their music and hang out with their friends. Another vision--me in a belly shirt, hip huggers and UGGS at 45, lingering in the doorway to my daughter's room, desperate for a tid-bit of information about her life. Hmmm...perhaps I could just freeze them the way they are right now and avoid the whole situation. But alas, I know this is not an option, so I must continue to enjoy my time as a cool mom and get as many sing-alongs and snuggle sessions in as possible. Unless anybody has any ideas? I am fully open to suggestion...