Saturday, July 26, 2008

I gave birth to Michelle Tanner

How many moms (and/or dads) out there have taken your children out somewhere, perhaps the grocery store, the doctor's office or just to the park to play, and had someone tell you that your child looks like someone? I am curious as to how other parents feel about this. I suppose it should be flattering if it was someone attractive or famous, but even so, do other people find this annoying? My daughter, pictured left with me, looks like one of the Olsen twins. I am not sure which one; I guess both, since they are almost identical. I even admit to the similarity between them and my daughter (and am still baffled by it because I never in a million years would have thought that I would spawn children that looked like those two little money-makers), but for some reason it really gets in my craw when people tell me so. Maybe it is because I hear it about a THOUSAND times a week and it is just annoying to hear it over and over again. Maybe it is because they grew up to be pretty dysfunctional and I don't want my daughter growing up with a complex. Or perhaps it is just that I don't want people to look at her and see anyone other than her.

What if I hated the Olsen twins? What if I thought they were hideous and always detested Full House? (I didn't, on the contrary it was one of my favorite shows, being an 80's and 90's child, but what if?) I have considered firing back something random like "Yeah, well, your kid looks like Lindsay Lohan" or some other skanky celebrity, just to see what they say; but I am such a "yes" person and am always polite, so I say "Oh, I know, everyone tells us that. Funny, isn't it?" Once, just once, I wish I could be a wise crackin' smart ass and make someone blush and flee the scene.

I am not saying that I think these people are bad people or even that I disagree with them stating their opinion. They have the right to think my kid looks like anyone they please. But occasionally, I just need to vent about this daily occurrence that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. OK, I am done with my rant. Continue on with your day, and if you ever meet my daughter and I, make sure to say she looks like someone else. Thanks bunches.