Ladies--Check Out RepairPal!

As women, I know that many of us may have faced the dilemma of needing auto repair and not knowing where to go, what to expect or how much we should be paying. Well ladies, there is a great web site that solves this! This site is fantastic if you are looking for a mechanic or need to find a repair shop in your area. Plus, you can submit a car repair job and get auto repair estimates from shops near you!

One of the coolest things about this site is that they also have educational sections that explain how a car works, the different things that can go wrong and how they are repaired! So the days of being ignorant in the area of car repair are gone and we can go into an auto repair shop fully educated and holding onto our wallets!

Go check out RepairPal, whether you need a new transmission, a timing belt replacement or an alignment, they can tell you where to go and save you money!