Monday, July 21, 2008

Obama and McCain Overseas--My Goal Article of the Day

I read my goal article today, one from about Obama and McCain both making trips overseas and how each of their trips differed from one another. Their trips weren't the only thing that differed; the popularity results were fairly different as well, with Europe being far more favorable to Barack. It is interesting to me that McCain is met with indifference while Barack met with fanfare and all the big journalists there to report on his stay. I think the big difference between the two that makes the contrast in the European public's support is McCain's open support of the war, as opposed to Barack's talks to get out and get on with it. This is also something that I have tried (subconsciously, I think) to avoid. Think, talk or have an opinion about the war. I really don't know the true reason we are there, nor do I hold a strong conviction on whether we stay or go. My heart says "let's get the hell out of that deadly desert and get those poor soldiers home," while my head says, "how can you make an educated decision on your standing when you don't know the facts?" For an intelligent person, sometimes I feel like I ignore things that shouldn't be ignored, just because they don't affect me directly. I would never want to refer to myself as a selfish or ignorant person, but that behavior is exactly those two things.

So from today on, I am not going to change the channel when news about the war comes on, I am going to read the articles and I am going to do my research. Because nothing is worse than an anti-war citizen that doesn't even know the war's basis. Today I am calling myself out.