What Are You Gonna Be?

I'm debating about whether or not I should dress up this year, but when I found the site Halloween Adventure.com, it got me all excited about dressing up! This site has so many fantastic costumes for sale that I really wish I was invited to a costume party so I could justify buying one. (I might just buy one anyway, just for kicks!) As I browsed through the costumes, I found some of my favorites--the superheroes! Personally, I think if I could choose which costume suits me best, I would choose this one:

I think I would be a pretty great Supergirl, don't you think? I have always wanted to dress up as a superhero, but never have. Halloween Adventure has a ton of adult superhero costumes, such as Spiderman, Batman, The Hulk, and even Iron Man. I was so tempted to buy a costume for my daughter, even though she already has one, because there is the cutest Little Red Riding Hood costume!

Adorable! I would love to dress my little girl in this one!
And the boys' costumes are awesome too, everything from pirates to ghosts and goblins, Harry Potter--you name it! I will definitely be ordering my son's costume there.

So if you are still looking for Halloween costumes for you and your kids, check out Halloween Adventure.com!