As a mom, I know I am ALWAYS (and I mean ALWAYS) shopping for my kids and am always looking for the best (and cheapest) stores online. ShopWiki is a really cool search engine, like Google or Yahoo, except it searches online stores for anything and everything you might need for babies and toddlers (and much more)! Other shopping sites only bring up searches of web site that have paid for placement with them, but ShopWiki brings you EVERYTHING on the net.

I am currently searching for a new car seat for my daughter, so I went to ShopWiki and searched "car seats." I got 18275 results! And I could sort them from lowest to highest priced or relevance. What more do you need? Whatever it is you are looking for, you will get results from EVERY site on the web that has it, so you can find the best deal!

So whether you are looking for diaper bags, strollers, bath toys, or clothing--ShopWiki can help you find it--AND save money!