Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You Can Take Your Stupid Job and Shove It

So, as you can tell by the title, I did not get the job :(

Here's the e-mail I received:


After a very difficult decision-making process, we've decided that, unfortunately, we're not going to be able to offer you the position of Guide to Baby's First Year at this time.

This was not an easy choice. Your pieces were well-written, informative and entertaining. You clearly know the topic well.

It's no fun for us to turn away qualified writers, but we only have room for one person for this topic.

Feel free to use the pieces however you like.

Thanks for all the time and work you put into the site.

Last night I drowned my sorrows in half a bottle of Cabernet and maybe cried just a little bit.

Then I got on the computer and started searching for new opportunities and e-mailing people I thought could point me in the right direction. I may be down, but I'm certainly not out, and I would truly like to believe that everyone is correct in saying that this happened because something else better is waiting around the corner.

Or life just sucks.

Thankfully, I have the final book in the Twilight series to keep my mind off of things, although I must admit that I am hesitant because if Edward and Bella don't get married, FINALLY get it on (preferably in a VERY steamy sex scene) and make Bella immortal in this final installment, I may not have anything left to live for. Should I take the chance? WAIT! I take that back--DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING! The only thing worse would be a spoiler...

So thanks everyone for all the crossed fingers, prayers and positive vibes. I am sorry they were all in vain. But you guys are the absolute best and I am so lucky and blessed to have you. You are more than just readers and fellow are true friends.

No, I am not crying again! I have something in my eye...