Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: I Didn't Want You To Follow Me Anyway...Stalker


Hey, I am back this week with some random thoughts, since that's about all my brain is capable of lately anyway. So yippee! If you want to get in on the fun, go to Keely's pad and grab the button and write some random crap, sign Mr. Linky, and we will read it! How easy is that?

You know what's not all that easy? (Clever segue way, don't you think? I AM a great writer, let me tell ya) Being almost to 200 followers and then LOSING a follower so now you are two away from 200 instead of one. I was seriously all ready to celebrate having the big 2-0-0 in my followers list and then some douchebag follower decided to UN-follow me, probably due to my whining about the job that I want so bad or that I am super depressing cause all I wrote about last week was my uncle who died, so now I am all "Whatever. I didn't want you to follow me anyway; you were probably one step away from becoming some obsessed stalker, and you know, I don't need that drama in my life right now." So that's a relief.

I realized that I missed my true following people, and that is being a Disney on Ice Princess. My little one and I went and saw Disney on Ice with my girlfriend and her daughter two weekends ago and I sat there wishing that I could skate around on the ice in a beautiful princess costume and have Prince Charming or Aladdin (HOTTIE) pick me up and throw me around, then lift me up over his head like Patrick Swayze did in Dirty Dancing, and then we'd all get to skate together to "When You Wish Upon a Star" at the end and my life would be complete. I mean, seriously, there is nothing that makes me happier than some good Disney music, complete with beautiful people dressed in character, and I would be perfect for it. I have Belle written all over me. I had to practically unscrew my smile afterwards. Uh-huh, I had more fun than the kids did, so what's it to ya? Can't a mom enjoy herself every now and then? Yeah, that's what I thought.

I informed my husband this morning that if I get this job (please, please, please, please God, let me get it!!) that when we move to our new house, I WILL be hiring a cleaning lady. End of story. I am pretty sick of working 30 hours a week AND taking care of the kids AND doing all the cleaning AND the laundry AND the dishes AND the pet care, and whatever else comes up. I understand that my husband works so much that he literally doesn't even have any time to help me out that much, so since that is the reality, our new reality is going to be that Mommy is going to have a little "right hand woman." Hopefully her name will be Alice and she will wear a blue dress and a white apron and if things work out, she'll make us cookies and have surprising insights every now and then to help us solve problems. But I don't want to be too picky.

Lastly, I have a confession to make:

My name is Petra and I am a Twilight addict.

OK, OK, I apologize for all the times that I made fun of all the grown women out there obsessing over Edward, reading the books over and over and standing in line for five hours to get into the midnight showing of Twilight. And I'm sorry that I rolled my eyes and got irritated every time I read ANOTHER post about Edward and how hot he was and how every mom out there wanted to jump his bones. I have joined the legion of the un-dead lovers and even though he is a fictional character, I also love him with all my heart and soul and will wait in line for a year to see New Moon, and may just change my name to Bella and move to Washington in hopes that I might meet a darling, sexy, vegetarian vampire just like him. Alright? Are you happy now? You can all throw tomoatoes at me now and call me a hypocrite, whatever. As long as you don't try to steal my man away from me, OK? He's MINE!

So head over to The Un-Mom now and read her Random Tuesday Thoughts. Hopefully soon I was have some un-random things to write about, namely that I got a certain job I have been coveting, but I am not making any promises.

Seacrest out.