Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random Thursday Thoughts: Better Late Than Never, Right? Right?

Well, I missed Random Tuesday Thoughts because I was busy moaning every time I swallowed and trying not to faint from fever while chasing around my 3-year-old. Yes, I got sick AGAIN and this time it was God's way of telling me to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN and stop what I was doing because, well, I had no choice. It's rather difficult to do anything when it hurts every appendage when you move and you can barely keep your eyes open. So even though I didn't stop working completely, I did blow off almost everything else, which includes my dear, dear, poor little neglected blog. I'm sorry blog. Hugs? Are we cool?

The good news is that I DO NOT have swine flu. So all that oinking and rolling in the mud was just a really odd compulsion of mine.

However, in the midst of all the Chloraseptic spraying, nose blowing and Advil popping, I got some good news.

I GOT A WRITING JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, it didn't take long for things to turn around and make me feel (somewhat) less bitter about not getting that other job (what was that site's name? Huh, can't even remember...) and this one is MUCH cooler (at least that is what my therapist is telling me). I will be a contributing writer for none other than SEXIS magazine, online rag for all things sex related. Let the comments about me being much more suited for this type of writing commence. But not only do I have much more experience with sex than babies (well, you know, there's a lot more practice involved before the actual baby gets there), but it is going to be so FUN. My editor is the bomb--he's cool, intelligent and hilariously funny and has already given me my first assignment which I LOVE. I am not going to tell you what it is, so it will be a nice little surprise when it is published in a couple of weeks, but I will just say it is a fantastic topic that allows me to be a real journalist, delving into culture, society, sex, and politics, while keeping a great sense of humor and entertaining the readers. I am PUMPED. And it helps that the money is great.

My daughter turned 3 on Sunday. Somebody please tell me how I can stop this terrible thing called "growing up." Pretty soon she won't want to snuggle with me anymore and everything I say will be embarrassing. That makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

This Sunday we are having a huge princess party and I can't wait. I might be just as excited as she is, because just the thought of seeing all the little girls and boys in their princess and prince costumes simultaneously makes my heart swell and gives me a toothache. I just love those little ankle biters. Too bad they can't stay that way (see above). Cause my 9-year-old lately has an attitude that makes my skin crawl and I remember the day when he was oh-so-cute too. Here's to hoping he doesn't go around telling all the toddlers on Sunday that there is no such thing as magic and fairy dust.

I still feel like crap, so that's about all I have today. I noticed that the blog was getting cobwebs, so I thought it was about time to post something. I promise next week I will try to get back on a more regular posting schedule, as well as get on the HBSB blog creation so we can pick that back up as well. Everybody have an awesome weekend and you might want to sanitize your hands after reading this blog post. You can never be too careful.