Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Shower Scene

No, this post is not about what you are thinking--you dirty people.

Yesterday my 2-year-old daughter took her very first shower--with mommy of course. Here is a list of things you would have overheard from my daughter had you been standing outside the shower stall.

"There's water in the shower!" (Thank goodness, I thought. Otherwise we were really wasting time in there.)

"Don't drop the soap Mommy!" (I am pretty sure she was just trying to be helpful, but I couldn't help but think of prison movies...)

"Your bum is wet. Your hairy bum is wet too." (I took care of that for you honey, don't worry.)

"What's that on your belly?" (I had to clarify this one, it could have been many things: stretch marks, fat or a tattoo. Turns out it was the tattoo.)

"You have a lot of tachoos!" (Yes, I do. And a lot of fat and stretch marks--thank goodness she didn't point that out as well.)

and finally, my favorite--

"Did you pee pee in the shower Mommy?" (For the record, I did not. But I can't speak for her).

*Just another edition of the Adventures of The Wise (Young) Mommy, brought to you by Soap on a Rope, helping mommies and prisoners worldwide since 1962.

**For the record, I have no idea when Soap on a Rope was invented. But anyone who actually knows will win a very special prize...