Friday, January 16, 2009

Public Service Announcement: Girl Crushes, Not Just for Lesbians

Diane from Diane's Addled Ramblings asked me yesterday to define what a girl crush was (since I copped to having four of them), and then my always ever-so-helpful husband agreed that it needed to be clarified and FitDad and Irish Gumbo got in on it and requested that I spill the beans on who my girl crushes actually are. So since I have now been brow beaten into it, I am going to define what a girl crush is (in my opinion) and reveal some of the chicks that I dig. Dig it? Yeah, I thought so (especially if you have a penis).

OK, so the girl crush. What is it, who has them and what do you do about them? For me, a female is worthy of my crushosity (not a word, but let's go with it) when they are the following:

1. REALLY funny

2. Talented

3. Sweet

4. Cool

5. Hot (as a result of the above combination of traits)

This phenomenon called the girl crush is not exactly sexual, although usually I wouldn't throw them out of bed for eating crackers (is that the expression? If it is, it's really stupid. If it's not, then I am. Whatever, again, I am going with it). They may be the object of some fleeting fantasies, cause I must admit I love me some girlie make out sessions. But mostly, these infatuations are a combination of envy, respect and downright appreciation for their simple awesomeness. I, personally, have had relationships with women, as well as sexual encounters. But that's not what the girl crush is about. It's about really emulating another woman, and being excited just to know her. And it doesn't matter if she is traditionally beautiful, heavy, thin, with big breasts, or small. Her personality and outstanding features make her sexy. Her ability to write a hilarious or heartwarming story in a way that makes me laugh out loud or break out in goosebumps can give me butterflies in my belly. Her way of making me feel special and not alone can turn the worst day around. Or hearing her tell a story about being a mother that I can relate to on the deepest level can make me proud to be in the same club we call motherhood. I can't speak for all women, so I don't know if they all have girl crushes or not. But I know I do, and the bloggy world has been the perfect place to find some of these incredible women special enough to earn my adoration.

So here they are in no particular order, my blogger girl crushes:

1. Athena from Hot Child in the Suburbs

2. Cat from Zipbag of Bones

3. Jen from Steenky Bee

4. Kaui from How to Party With an Infant

5. Casey from Half as Good as You

Now, I know I said yesterday that I had four, but after serious consideration, I realized that there were actually five. Five women that I would love to be like, look like and make out with. It takes a very special woman to earn my attraction and there have only been a few that I have admitted to crushing on. So these women should feel very flattered, and hopefully not totally freaked out. Girl love is a beautiful thing, and I embrace it. Hopefully you do too.

So ladies, don't judge, keep your mind open and realize that it's OK to crush on your fellow females. Women are spectacular, and I for one, appreciate that to the fullest extent. It's not about the boobs.

Although boobs are awesome.