Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sex and The Suburbs: The Celebumom Phenomenon

Put away the Star Magazine and step away from TMZ ladies. Wise Young Mommy is talking about celebu-moms and body image at Sex and The Suburbs.

This week the Sex and The Suburbs topic is celebumoms and the mainstream media and how we let ourselves feel bad because of their unrealistic mixed messages. Head on over and check it out--you might relate (or maybe you totally disagree). However you feel, drop me a line by clicking on the link and giving me some feedback or letting me know what you would like to see fleshed out in an upcoming column:

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And if you haven't taken my motherhood and sex survey (and you are indeed a mother), please click on this link to take it:

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As always, both of these are completely anonymous, so be honest, open up and let me know what's REALLY on your mind ladies!