Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not Now Dear, I Have a Headache...

Go check out today's edition of Sex and The Suburbs about getting it on with the kids in the house. It will be good for some laughs and just maybe some valuable insight. Maybe.

And the time has come yet again for me to reach out to you, my wonderful and faithful readers, for some feedback for my column. It's all about the age-old story, when dad rolls over and starts to rub mom's shoulders, letting him know he's in the mood and mom just...isn't.

So we all know that honesty is the best policy and we shouldn't have to tell little white lies to our partners to get out of sex, but it is a reality that sometimes mom just doesn't feel sexy or is just really, really tired, and maybe she doesn't want to hurt dad's feelings, or perhaps she is constipated and really doesn't want to share that particular tidbit with her honey--WHATEVER. Then there are the times when you do it even though you don't feel like it...so how do you get the point across that you just aren't into it or that you would like it to be more like a one minute mile rather than a distance marathon? Or does your hubby do something that always makes you want to do it (maybe he is the king of foreplay or knows just the right thing to say to you to make you want to jump in the sack)?

Whatever it is, I need all the moms out there to send me your experiences with this. After a long day of changing diapers, working, taking care of the house, whatever it is you may do, when hubby decides he wants some nookie, and he wants it NOW (and you don't), how do you brush him off? Maybe you are like me, and you do it anyway, but give him subtle hints to keep it short this time. Perhaps you get really creative...whatever it is, I need to know!

You can e-mail me at sexandthesuburbs2009@gmail.com or leave it in the comments section of this post, but either way if it is used in the column it will be completely anonymous. All names will be changed to protect the innocent (or not so innocent, as the case may be).

This edition of Sex and The Suburbs will go up two weeks from today, and it will be all about getting in the mood, what works and what doesn't and how we communicate with our partners when we just aren't feelin' it. It's going to be funny, but hopefully informative. But it will be much better if I hear from all of you!

Lastly, I am getting serious about getting the book version of Sex and The Suburbs written, so if anyone out there has any tips or resources for me for getting it published, please pass them along. I would greatly appreciate it! I also still need plenty more moms to fill out my motherhood and sex survey, so if you haven't yet and you are interested, please e-mail me so I can send it to you!

Thanks everyone! Have a fantastic Wednesday!